In the name of all those who come together without borders and without barriers, we ask all caring people who work in radio, television, newspapers and other media to support this initiative by playing this video and publicizing the opportunity to contribute to the humanitarian aspect of this project by downloading the song and/or giving a direct donation -- and also simply by spreading the word to help Project ReEvolution succeed!

The Project
A song with the power to finance creative and artistic activities for at-risk children in disadvantaged areas in the “south of the world” - this was the vision of Capone of Napoli, and Francesco Sondelli of Los Angeles, Sondelli and Capone worked for two months over Skype (and across thousands of miles) to compose, arrange and prepare to record “Rebel Butterfly”. They finally met in person in July 2009 to record the song and video in Napoli, Italy.

The song uses the metaphor of the butterfly, which starts as a caterpillar and then transforms into one of the world’s most beautiful creatures. Like the butterfly, children who are born in at-risk and disadvantaged areas need the opportunity to grow into what they really are: beautiful beings.

“As musicians, we have been very fortunate .. but we never forget those who have had less,” say Capone and Sondelli. “We have a marvelous gift that we want to share: we know that music is powerful and can change the world!”
All profits from downloads and sales of the song will go directly to the non-profit organization ManiTese (, which funds sustainable development projects in developing areas of the world. The funds raised will be allocated to two projects: the first, in Napoli, is SaniStella (, which provides afterschool activities and creative workshops for at-risk children in the disadvantaged neighborhoods of Sanità and Stella; and the second, MOJOCA (Movimiento de Jovenes de la Calle) in Guatemala, provides education for streetchildren in Guatemala City ( In addition, a special fund has been opened with Banca Etica, to which direct donations can be made. Please see for more information or send direct donations to:

Maurizio Capone per ManiTese
IBAN - IT 06 G 05018 03400 000000129529

Thank you in the name of the children we seek to help!
Capone BungtBangt & Francesco Sondelli for Project ReEvolution
We gratefully acknowledge the participation, support and patronage of the following:

Fondazione CannavaroFerrara, Banca Etica, Comune di Napoli, L'Altoparlante, Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, Ninja Marketing, Mr. Wolf Produzioni, Elvis Satta, Maribel Atoche, Yeny Atoche, Andrea Barionovi, Big Stone Studio, Ruth Kunstadter, and many others who are being added daily. A complete and updated list can be found on the website

  News Italia
29 novembre 2009
Mercoledì 2 dicembre su Rai Due - I fatti vostri -   a partire dalle 11,00: Capone BungtBangt presentano in anteprima televisiva Project ReEvolution. Suoneranno live senza Francesco Sondelli che nel frattempo è in missione in Guatemala.

Martedì 8 dicembre ore 12 e 30: presentazione alla stampa di Project ReEvolution presso la sede di Mani Tese in piazza Cavour 190, Napoli. Interverranno il sindaco di Napoli Rosa Russo Iervolino, il presidente di Mani Tese Renato Briganti, Capone ed i "suoi" ragazzi del laboratorio

23 novembre 2009

Nasce il sito internet
Progetto umanitario nato da un’idea di Francesco Sondelli e Capone, leader del gruppo napoletano BungtBangt. Il progetto si propone di sostenere ManiTese nelle attività a favore dei bambini che vivono nelle zone a rischio nel sud del mondo. Comprate il brano o fate una donazione da questo sito nella apposita pagina!


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